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Top 3 Sleeper Drinks For Seducing The Opposite Sex

Top-3-sleeper-drinksThere are many drinks out there that have been used in the process of seduction by many people out there. You might think that some people would be very likely to score with the opposite sex without drinks involved but chances are that the more sober a person is, the harder it will be for you to be able to get them to bed. In this article we are going to talk about the Top-three sleeper drinks for seducing the opposite sex.  Read More →

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Carnival Cruise Lines Bar Drink Menu - Cruises - Cruise Critic

New addition: menus for restaurant Facebook pages (InsideFacebook)

Facebook has added a cool new feature for restaurant-based Facebook pages: menus. Now, thanks to a partnership between Facebook and SinglePlatform (a Constant Contact branch), restaurants with a page can now have their actual menu right…

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Time on Main Street Euro Cafe:Beverage Menu:Barzula Coffee ...

Banquet Server (On Call) at Benchmark Resorts & Hotels (Scottsdale, AZ) (simplyhired)

The Banquet Server’s primary function is the service of food and beverage during private functions. Who Will this Job Appeal To? * Prior food service experience preferred. * Ability to read the menu, describe the menu items and their…

Video: From fat to fabulous (msnbc)

Chef Tim Love of CNBC’s “Restaurant Startup” goes to American Food and Beverage in Fort Worth, Texas, which is known for its farm-to-table movement and its ingredient-driven menu. (CNBC)

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Digital Menu Board, JCO Digital Media

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DIY: Cocktail/Bar Menu Generator | Weddingbee

Ritz-Carlton Serves Scented Cocktails Inspired By Perfume (psfk)

On a biological level, our senses of smell and taste are deeply intertwined. The amazing sensations that this connection produces are often taken for granted. Without smell we would fail to taste the hundreds of different subtleties that accompany different ingredients. In an attempt to master this complex relation, a German mixologist is reinventing the way we experience taste.
On Thursday, June 12th 2014, The Ritz-Carlton Berlin will officially open _Fragrances_, an all new mixology/olfactory experience where patrons use their sense of smell to select their drink of choice.
Designed by the "Cocktail Whisperer" Arnd Henning Heissen, the menu's alcoholic beverages are presented with a bottle of perfume. The drink will not only smell like the scent, but will also reflect that smell in its taste.
The connection between the two senses is not complete without a third, visual element. _Fragrances_' visual menu is located next to the bar's entrance. Deemed "The Hall of Fame", the physical lineup is an elegant display of the drinks' ingredients, scent, and final presentation.
The drinks' ingredients are placed in glass domes next to the perfumes to give customers a sense of what they'll be consuming. Above hangs a large portrait of …

Dim lighting can't disguise the care taken behind the Bar at 327 Braun

The Bar at 327 Braun Court in Ann Arbor has all the comforts of a dive but with the quality drinks and food you'd expect from a hip craft cocktail lounge. Also, see the food and beverage events calendar.


Drinks at the royal holiday palace

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Fun Cocktail Menu | Page 1

Eater Inside: Gaspar Brasserie, French Allure in the FiDi (EaterSF)

Restaurateur Franck LeClerc expands his local reach with today’s debut of Gaspar Brasserie, the fifth in LeClerc’s collection of projects, which include Gitane, Claudine, Café Claude and Café Claude Marina. The new…

Dreams of Craft Cocktails

At BRAVO! Italian Restaurant and Bar’s recent cocktail workshop, bar manager Chris Robertson put a new spin on a classic gin and tonic.

22 NYC Bars and Restaurants With Very Appealing World Cup Specials (nymag)

**Maradona would definitely be excited about free beer.**
The World Cup starts this Thursday, June 12, which is of course great news for fans of the beautiful game and possibly even better news for people who enjoy food and drink specials. Bars and restaurants all over New York will be celebrating the monthlong competition with a variety of viewing parties and match-related deals. (So even if you don’t love fútbol, you can enjoy some free beer.) We’ve rounded up — and mapped — the best of the bunch, so you can find the ideal spot to plant yourself for the duration of the tournament.
**Don Antonio by Starita**
309 W. 50th St., nr. Eightth Ave.
**The Special**: Themed pizzas
The action at Don Antonio by Starita begins June 11, when it hosts a private kickoff party. Once the tournament officially begins, stop by this Hell’s Kitchen pizza joint for commemorative World Cup special pizzas and cocktails.
**Blaue Gans**
139 Duane St., nr. West Broadway
**The Special**: Half-price beers, prizes
At Blaue Gans, it will pay to be fashionably early — those who show up 30 minutes prior to kickoff will get Bitburger beers at half price. After that, it …

Garage Restaurant: Cocktail Menu


Questions and Answers

Creating a Cocktail Menu – Help Me Please!?I work at a bar/restaurant that is unorganized and going down. My manager is inexperienced and needs help! I am trying to create a cocktail menu to hopefully get some more business in the bar. I tnot know where to start! Please give me ideas and tips…
P.s basically a menu with a list of cocktails we offer…..a lot of customers ask what we have a i want to be able to bring this menu to them…also should i write the kind of alc. We have?

Posted by Lala
You need to have the following:

long island iced tea
tequila sun rise
tom collins
white russian
grass hopper
blue Hawaiian
mai tai
old fashioned

all of these are drinks you should be able to offer and have customers order. Depending on the type of bar you are you should have a list of common shooters people can order.

Buttery nipple
white gummy bear
blow. Job
irish car bomb
mind eraser
red headed slut
sex on the beach
lemon drop etc…

You should learn all these drinks. The drinks in the first list as you know have many variations so once you have the main menu each week have a insert for the menu or a sign with a drink of the week and make it a really cool variation of one of those main drinks or find a cool one online. Try giving that bar rescue show a call. In fact i highly suggest you get your manager and your fellow employees to sit down together for a while and watch episodes and episodes of bar rescue, you will learn INCREDIBLE amounts of information and save yourself from being shut down


Menu for cocktail hour?I am paying for my sister’s cocktail hour for her wedding and I want at least 5 appetizers…
Originally I had two pasta choices, cheese display and veggie display but I can eliminate the cheese and veggies and add this.
Would guest like shrimp and lobster spring roll more than jumpo cocktail shrimp
also having
mini chicken cordon bleu
stuff mushrooms
mozerella caprece

Then when we go into reception we will have melon with proscuitta and then the main courses.

Is the menu for cocktail enough? This is a Florida wedding and my sister said they do not usually have that much at the cocktail hour…

Posted by krislee08
Cocktail hour = hors d’oeuvres = finger food. Stick to anything that can be picked up with two fingers of one hand (and leave the hand relatively clean afterwords).

Think drink and napkin in one hand, ever changing bite of food in the other, lipstick you don’t want to ruin yet, and a dress you can NOT afford to drip food on…

While you should offer them, there should be no need for plates or utensils. Traditionally hors d’oeuvres would consist of many tiny portions of high fat/high carbs to counteract the many tiny portions of hard liquor hitting an empty stomach.

A veggie tray is great, some bitter greens in with them would be even better. Cheese tray is great (if they are a variety of sharps and milds, cubed, with picks- do NOT put out a tray of american slices). Spring rolls are great, but only if they are bite size (two bites max). Shrimp cocktail is great. Melon wrapped with prosciutto and pinned with a pick would be great at the cocktail hour too. Anything that goes with dip is great (don’t turn your nose up at chips, crakers, pretzels, etc.)

Lose the pasta (unless its something like mini cheese/crab rangoons- remember: dry clean finger food), lose the mini chicken cordon bleu (unless it’s some kind of deep fried pastry covered dealie), and lose the mozzarella caprece (tasty as it is, or serve it at the reception). Lose the mushrooms if they are in a soupy broth or if they fall apart when you eat them. If they are dry and hold together keep them.

The traditional canape in all of its thousands of varieties is never a bad choice. Rich enough to properly interact with the cocktail and empty stomach, it presents well, handles cleanly, and can easily be prepared in large numbers economically. Consider three or more canape types to make your dollar go far enough and mercilessly drop one or two of the more expensive items- the crowds will love you for it. Their mood will be high and their appetites properly piqued for the coming meal.

So, you haven’t told us what is on the cocktail menu…

I have to develop I high end laborintesive cocktail menu. Please Help?So I have to develop I high end laborintesive cocktail mune or hand crafted cocktails. Im looking for advice ideas, your favirote drink, and or your in put on where you think the industry is moving as far as cocktails.

Thank you.

Posted by magnificent_deso8tion
I love Cocktails!

My all time favourite is called a Freddy FudPucker!

After a few of these you will get the joke when someone ask’s for one over the bar LOL.

It contains:

Galliano Liqueur
Orange Juice

Add ice to the glass and pour in 1 measure of Tequila and 4 measures of Orange Juice.
Pour half a measure of Galileo slowly over the back of a teaspoon so that the liqueur rests on the top of the drink. Stir gently and garnish with slices of orange.

WhooHoo I love this drink!!!

What do I think as far as the industry moving with cocktails?
It is growing more popular in comparison to the typical mix of vodka and orange or whiskey and soda etc.
It is more exciting, more flavours and far more skill involved to come up with a niche market drink these days :)