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Ritz-Carlton Serves Scented Cocktails Inspired By Perfume (psfk)

On a biological level, our senses of smell and taste are deeply intertwined. The amazing sensations that this connection produces are often taken for granted. Without smell we would fail to taste the hundreds of different subtleties that accompany different ingredients. In an attempt to master this complex relation, a German mixologist is reinventing the way we experience taste.
On Thursday, June 12th 2014, The Ritz-Carlton Berlin will officially open _Fragrances_, an all new mixology/olfactory experience where patrons use their sense of smell to select their drink of choice.
Designed by the "Cocktail Whisperer" Arnd Henning Heissen, the menu's alcoholic beverages are presented with a bottle of perfume. The drink will not only smell like the scent, but will also reflect that smell in its taste.
The connection between the two senses is not complete without a third, visual element. _Fragrances_' visual menu is located next to the bar's entrance. Deemed "The Hall of Fame", the physical lineup is an elegant display of the drinks' ingredients, scent, and final presentation.
The drinks' ingredients are placed in glass domes next to the perfumes to give customers a sense of what they'll be consuming. Above hangs a large portrait of …

Dim lighting can't disguise the care taken behind the Bar at 327 Braun

The Bar at 327 Braun Court in Ann Arbor has all the comforts of a dive but with the quality drinks and food you'd expect from a hip craft cocktail lounge. Also, see the food and beverage events calendar.


Drinks at the royal holiday palace

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