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New addition: menus for restaurant Facebook pages (InsideFacebook)

Facebook has added a cool new feature for restaurant-based Facebook pages: menus. Now, thanks to a partnership between Facebook and SinglePlatform (a Constant Contact branch), restaurants with a page can now have their actual menu right…

Where to drink sparkling sake in London

Bars across the city have recently begun listing bottles of sparkling sake on their menus.

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Merrick Monroe popped the tab on a Pabst Blue Ribbon, giggled and took a swig. If Portland’s boil order was going to forbid drinking tap water during Friday’s work hours, Monroe pledged to find an alternative. She discovered it in the back room of Bridge City Comics, where she passed an…

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Boston Pizza drink menu?Does anybody know where I could find or know by memory a alcoholic beverage menu for Boston Pizza (preferably Canadian). I am trying to find out what drinks are offered and how much each costs for a banquet. Thanks.

Posted by Allison Trochie
MaidoAs a former chef there web site has some prices, but for parties and other event they charge the menu price, no bulk or volume discounts, you would be best speaking to the manager of the one you are interested in booking for your event.
Help with prices!, Drink menu for school!?!?Ok im making a drink menu (not a real one, just a project for school) and i need some help with my prices, i need prices for these drinks, if you can tell me reasonable prices id give you best answer, thanx!
Piña Colada
Sparking Wine
Shirley Temple
Root beer
Chocolate float
Fruit Shakes
Soft drinks
Red wine
White wine
Green Tea
French Vanilla
Jasmine Tea.

Posted by rayray
MaidoBeer- $4.50 for domestic/ $6.00 import
Root beer- $2.50 (soft drink) free refills
Jasmine tea- $3.50 (pot)
Shirley Temple- $2.70 (no refills)
Pina Colada- between $6.00 and $7.50 (depending in quality of ingredients and alcohol used.
Fruit Shakes- $4.50
Champagne-$35 to $120 (bottle)
Red wine (house)- $6.50 glass
White wine (house)- same as above
Soft drinks- $2.50
Green Tea- $1.50 a cup
Coffee- $2.00 cup French Vanilla- $2.30
Vodka- Between $5.50 and $9.00 on the rocks depending on brand
Sparkling wine- Between $30 to $50 bottle
Food – Entrees, sides, desserts, appitizers, drinks, Kids menu HELP PLEASE!?Hey my uncle is opening a resteraunt he said he’s having american, mexican, chinese, japanese, and italian food there. So try and give a few dishes for each of these catergories-Entrees
-and the kids menuand please list what country they are fromTHANK YOU!!! ^_^ If u answer this question u r a lifesaver!

Posted by JJ JAMZ
MaidoPlease, please please just don’t make all the kids stuff fried. That is one thing that keeps me from returning or going to a restaurant, even if the adult food is great, is if they offer the kids just junk.Kids menu ideas
Burrito, rice and beans
Taco, rice and beans
Enchilada, rice and beans
Quesadilla, rice and beansItalian:
Rigatoni and side salad ( not spaghetti too messy)
1/2 order lasagna and side salad
Stuffed manacotti or ravioli and side saladChinese:
Small Sesame Chicken with veggie fried rice
Small Chicken with brocolli and veggie fried rice
Small General Tso’s Chicken with veggie fried riceAmerican:
Kid size salad and cup of soup of the day
6 inch pizza and side salad

My kids would love to find any of these at any restaurant and would order them. Right now if the kids’ menu is all fried, we order them an adult meal and split it.

I also recommend pricing the kid’s meals to include the drink. That pushes us towards the kids’ meal every time.

Good Luck !


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