Top 3 Sleeper Drinks For Seducing The Opposite Sex

Top-3-sleeper-drinksThere are many drinks out there that have been used in the process of seduction by many people out there. You might think that some people would be very likely to score with the opposite sex without drinks involved but chances are that the more sober a person is, the harder it will be for you to be able to get them to bed. In this article we are going to talk about the Top-three sleeper drinks for seducing the opposite sex. 

We can start with the New Bee’s Knee’s and this is a drink that a lot of people are using in their seductive game. This is without a doubt a very tasteful drink that is served with lavender lemon and honey. Gin is definitely a great way to get things started with that special someone. If this is not good enough you can then take things to the next level with the Fever.

The Fever is a great Martini variation that gas exotic flavors and it has a spiciness to it that is quite great. The addition of dubonet rouge gives it a slight pinkish color because of the red wine content. Definitely a great one to use for a seductive night at a bar with someone you like.

Then you can take things to an even higher level and make sure that your date doesn’t become a bitter crush. Getting a bitter crush fir that special someone is going to provide an orange flavor with a sight bitterness to it. There is also sugar added into the mix and the truth is that a lot of people have found this to be their perfect secret weapon for when all their sexy drinks seem to be failing for them.

Those are the best ones that you can use successfully and we fully recommend all of them.

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